Emergency Department

Emergency Services 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Central Valley Medical Center emergency room is located west of the hospital's main entrance at the Nephi campus providing a close-to-home resource for emergency medical services in Juab County and the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive services complemented by skilled medical professionals committed to providing high-quality care.

Our emergency department provides 24-hour treatment, seven days a week, for patients of all ages, and all types of acute medical and trauma conditions and is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, which is essential for finding the root cause of a patient’s condition as quickly as possible. A team of highly trained emergency trained professionals remains ready at all times to treat patients, while our compassionate staff is on standby to assist friends and family in the waiting area.

Central Valley Medical Center and Intermountain Healthcare bring TeleHealth care to Nephi


During a stroke, a patient loses thousands of brain cells per second. When treatment is received faster, more brain tissue is saved, and patients have a better recovery.

We’re partnering with Intermountain Healthcare specialists to quickly treat patients suffering a stroke. Using secure video technology our care teams can connect to Intermountain neurologists who conduct real-time evaluations to determine the best treatment for acute stroke. This may include the appropriate administration of tPA, mechanical thrombectomy, and guidance on follow-up care planning.

This program allows our patients and family members to stay close to home while receiving the best quality of care right here in our community.

TeleCritcal Care

The TeleHealth Hospitalist-Critical Care Clinical Service helps our patients receive the best possible care when experiencing critical health conditions.

Intermountain uniquely offers both Telehealth based Hospitalist and Critical Care teams to determine the optimal clinical care management path for patients. The teams are fully staffed 24/365 by physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses. The Intermountain team collaborates with our local care team by providing care management consultations, recommended treatment, and rounding services on patients.

To learn more about Intermountain Healthcare visit intermountainhealthcare.org