Occupational Therapy

Get Back to Living Life to the Fullest

Rehabilitation programs are a common necessity for people who have recently suffered a serious illness or injury. Once you have completed the acute care phase of your treatment, you may find you still have difficulty performing various activities. This is where occupational therapy comes in.

Different from physical therapy, occupational therapy is focused on helping patients regain function so that they can perform specific tasks that are essential to their day to day lives. If your condition has made it difficult for you to return to work or perform daily household functions, you occupational therapist will create a customized program designed to help you overcome these obstacles.

Occupational Therapy at Central Valley Medical Center

At Central Valley Medical Center, our occupational therapy services are facilitated by an experienced, licensed occupational therapist. Our highly trained professional works closely with your physician to assess and treat physical and physiatrist conditions. They then come up with activities and exercises specially designed to help patients regain function and avoid disability.

If you are experiencing lingering pains and difficulties from an injury or illness, working with an occupational therapy is critical to prevent these problems from worsening. Patients who undergo rehabilitation programs have a significantly reduced risk of hospital readmittance for recurring conditions.

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