General X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

Central Utah Imaging Services

The Central Valley Medical Center imaging department is outfitted with both general x-ray and fluoroscopy devices. This simple imaging tests allow radiologists to perform a quick, noninvasive examination of the body’s internal structures. These are both common imaging tests that can give your doctor a quick update on the body’s condition.

What is Fluoroscopy?

You are probably already familiar with an X-ray, where small amounts of radiation are used to take snapshots of the body’s internal structures. Fluoroscopy is a similar technique, except it creates a real time video of the body’s structures, allowing the radiologist to evaluate the body’s functional abilities.

Fluoroscopy may be used to diagnose conditions that affect:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • The gastrointestinal system
  • Joints
  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Kidneys

Fluoroscopy is noninvasive and without any significant risks. As it is a form of X-ray, there is minor exposure to radiation, so talk with your doctor if you have already received X-rays, fluoroscopy, or some other form of radiation treatment that year. This test is normally done on an outpatient basis. If your procedure required the use of a catheter, you may need to recover at the hospital for a couple of hours before returning home.

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