Hearing Loss Treatment

Many people do not realize they are suffering from hearing loss until someone points out that they seem to not hear things often. In fact, it is often only at a loved one’s urging that many people visit an audiologist.

Central Valley Medical Center offers audiology services through our specialty clinic, offering comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders. Learning that you have a hearing disorder can be alarming, as in most cases the process is so gradual that people don’t realize it. Thankfully, there have been many advances in audiology technology that can help people regain what they’ve lost.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

As mentioned above, hearing loss can be difficult to self-diagnose. Many conditions develop slowly over time, and most people do not seek an appointment with an audiologist until their reduced hearing becomes a consistent problem.

Below are some common signs that you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss:

  • You need to listen to the TV or radio at a high problem
  • You have an abnormally difficult time hearing people close to you in crowded places, such as a restaurant
  • You often ask people to repeat what they just said
  • You frequently respond to people incorrectly because you misheard them
  • There is a history of hearing loss in your family
  • You find yourself staring at people’s faces more intently to figure out what they said

Hearing problems most often develop in children in seniors, but they can occur at any age. If you are frequently exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods, you have an increased risk of developing a hearing disorder.

Treatment for Hearing Loss

At this time, there is no cure for most forms hearing loss. The first step in treatment is diagnosing the root cause. If the condition is caused by external factors, such as fluid buildup or ear inflammation, medication or surgery may be an appropriate treatment. For more permanent forms of hearing loss, hearing aids are usually the only option.

Our audiologists take the time to learn about each patient and prescribe a personalized treatment. If you do require hearing aids, we can make sure you receive a customized device designed to fit your ear and address your unique needs.