Our Mission

The mission of Central Valley Medical Center is to provide sensitive, compassionate health care of the highest quality to our patients, their families, and friends.

We do this in a manner that encourages the efficient use of resources while providing a working environment that promotes the personal and professional growth of our employees.

Our Values

  • Respect

We acknowledge the dignity, diversity, and worth of the community and the people we serve, our fellow workers, and our institutions.

  • Integrity

We act responsibly, honestly, confidentially, and within ethical and professional guidelines and principles.

  • Excellence

We strive to improve continually in everything we do as individuals, as a team, as servants to the community, and as an organization.

  • People

The people at Central Valley Medical Center and its affiliated businesses are the sources of its success, knowledge, skill, and compassion.

  • Kindness

We recognize kindness is not weakness. It takes courage, strength, and honor to be kind. We strive to demonstrate kindness in every interaction.

  • Optimism

We understand optimism is good for everyone. It is self-affirming. It improves emotional well-being, fosters better relationships. It inspires greater effort and leads to better outcomes.