Women and Newborn Center

Labor & Delivery: Where Families Are Born

Central Valley Medical Center’s birthing suites offer mothers, fathers, and the newest members of the family a comfortable, home-like atmosphere to kick off their new journey. Each baby is unique and special - and so is each delivery and recovery. We offer personalized birthing options that allow you to customize your birthing plan according to your needs allowing you to experience, your story your way, so you can focus on welcoming home your new baby.

Our new Women and Newborn Center, located on the 2nd floor of Central Valley Medical Center, provides patients with a dedicated cesarean section operating room, private labor, and delivery birthing suites, all on a secure and dedicated floor. There is perhaps no life event as momentous as the birth of a new child, and we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.

For more information or to schedule a tour of our facility, please contact our Women and Newborn staff at 435.623.3038

Skilled Medical Staff

You can never be over-prepared for a birth. We have expert registered nurses and staff on hand 24/7 who safely provide care for you and your baby during the labor, delivery, and recovery process. Our registered nurses are certified through the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and are nationally certified through the National Certification Corporation (NCC) in Electronic Fetal Monitoring. If your child requires any special medical attention, our team is trained and experienced in providing comprehensive infant care.

Delivering By C-Section

At Central Valley Medical Center, we are dedicated to caring for women who have had surgery. Moms who deliver by Cesarean section have caregivers with specialized expertise, which maximizes your recovery process.

Whether your C-section is scheduled ahead of time or performed unexpectedly, a fully equipped operating room is located in the same unit in the event that a cesarean section is needed. You and your baby will be transferred to the recovery room, with skin-to-skin contact introduced as soon as your baby is stable to start the bonding process.


You and your baby can recoup and rest easy in our recovery rooms that were designed with our patients and their families in mind. Each private room is spacious and bright with lots of natural light making each and every room feel safe, warm, and comfortable just like home. Our rooms we designed for mothers and babies to be together post-delivery to help in physical recovery and parent bonding. Rooms include their own bathroom, TV, and extra sleeping space for a support person. Room-service menus for postpartum moms and support persons offer a wide variety of tasty selections that you cant find at other hospitals.

Labor is an exciting experience, but also a difficult one. Our team will be by your side every step of the way, ready to address your needs as they arise. The compassionate and knowledgeable delivery staff will be coaching you through every stage of delivery and post-birth care until you and your new family leave the hospital to begin your new life.

Security and Well-Newborn Nursery

Your families safety and experience is our top priority. Our labor and delivery suites are in a dedicated lockdown unit. Visitors must provide a unique access code givin to each patient to gain entry and exit to the unit, along with a security ID tag that is put on the baby once the baby is born and never removed until the baby is discharged.

The newborn nursery at CVMC provides a safe, secure environment where physicians, nursing, and respiratory staff can assess the health needs of your baby, and provide more intensive care should the need arise. The nursery provides family-centered care, and we encourage non-separation of parents and babies in order to promote bonding and successful breast feeding. However, if you would like to rest, the nursery is available.

NEW Neonatal Critical Care through TeleNICU Care

Excited to announce the New Arrival of Neonatal Critical Care at Central Valley Medical Center starting in May 2024

This new collaboration with Intermountain Health will ensure that CVMC can keep babies close to home. Reducing unnecessary and costly transfers to upper level NICUs. This innovative approach through Telehealth medicine provides 24/7 care and will provide access to board-certified neonatologists for newborns in need of resuscitation, education for parents, as well as improving urgent and emergent situations.

Neonatal Critical Care provides expert support for high-risk births and Post-Delivery care. Providing better stabilization and improved outcomes for newborns.

Our nursery will be equiped to care for the critically attentive needs of newborns that require oxygen, IV therapy and close monitoring. This potentially life saving TeleNICU program has lowered many rural transfers due to respiratory needs. Working hand in hand with our Pedatric Doctor's, you can be sure that your little one will be taken care of by the highly trained and skilled professionals at Central Valley Medical Center.

Interested in delivering at CVMC? Call us for a tour of our new and innovative Women's Center at our Nephi location at