Orthopedic Medicine

Skilled Orthopedists in Central Utah

When your pain is more than skin deep, we are here to help. Providing comprehensive care for patients experiencing pain or limitation of motion in the bones, joints, muscles or surrounding structures. Aches and pains are common problems for people as they get older. At Central Valley Medical Center, our orthopedists are familiar with a variety of pain management treatments to help patients enjoy a higher quality of life.

Treatments and services:

  • Orthopedic Trauma
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Care
  • Hand and Wrist Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Shoulder Care
  • Hip Replacement & Care
  • Rehabilitation

CVMC orthopedic physicians:

  • Joel E. Holman, MD
    • Scheduling: 435-623-3633
  • Chris Karrasch, MD
    • Scheduling: 435-623-3248

Signs You Need an Orthopedist

It can be difficult figuring out where pain is coming from and what type of medical specialist is best suited to address your needs. In most cases, your primary care physician should be your first call for medical issues. Primary physicians will refer their patients to specialists when they need more advanced care. However, physicians do not always recommend specialists as quickly as people need them. If you experience any of the following signs of an orthopedic condition, mention the possibility to your physician or seek out an orthopedist on your own.

An orthopedist can help you if you experience:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic joint pains
  • Your range of motion is limited
  • You have difficulty standing or walking due to pain
  • You injured a joint (like a sprained ankle) and the swelling has not gone down after 2 days
  • Tasks such as walking upstairs or opening jars cause pain and discomfort

Contact our orthopedists using the info above if you are looking for an experienced orthopedist in Central Valley Utah.