Skin Care Services in Central Utah

The skin is the largest, most durable organ, but it undergoes a significant strain on a daily basis. From bumps and bruises to ultraviolet radiation, your skin takes a lot of punishment. It was built to handle many of these threats, but even it can’t withstand everything. That’s where our dermatologists can help.

Whether you have a minor blemish or are concerned you have a cancerous growth, our dermatology services offered through our specialty clinic are equipped to handle virtually all of your skin health needs.

When to Visit the Dermatologist

Wondering if you have a condition that needs to be checked out by a dermatologist? If you have noticed an unusual growth or discoloration on your skin, visiting a dermatologist is an important safety check. Many skin conditions are benign, but anything that causes you discomfort is worth having checked.

People often visit the dermatologist to treat the following:

  • Cases of acne
  • Eczema – a skin condition that causes irritated, flaky patches of acne
  • Skin allergies
  • Skin damage from the sun or bruising
  • Lingering scars
  • Abnormalities in the hair or nails
  • Signs of skin cancer: unusual growths, large moles, lumps under the skin, patches of waxy, translucent bumps

Even if you have a condition that isn’t necessarily damaging, a dermatologist can help you remove cosmetic blemishes and scars.

What to Expect

When you have an appointment with the dermatologist, make sure the area of skin you want to have examined is free of cosmetics. If you have a serious skin issue, a full body examination may be necessary. It may also help to have a list of questions written down ahead of time to help you dermatologist identify the problem more quickly.

Many insurance plans cover dermatology services. Be sure to check with your provider beforehand.