Surgical Services

Close-to-Home Surgery in Central Utah

The Central Valley Medical Center surgical center consists of four spacious surgery suites that allow for a variety of procedures to meet the needs of patients of all ages. Our spacious operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment with multiple video towers, monitors, specialized OR beds, microscopes and multiple C-arms. Procedures are performed by our skilled and board certified professionals, which include an orthopedic surgeon, general surgeon, podiatrist, ENT surgeon, and OB/GYN. Our surgeons are supported by a skilled staff of CRNA's, RN's, Certified Surgical Technicians and Certified Central Processing Technicians.

Our skilled and board certified physicians offer surgical services in the following areas;

  • Endoscopy
  • ENT (ear, nose and throat)
  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Podiatry

Patients who require surgery cannot always afford to travel far for their procedures. In addition to the expense, the physical strain of traveling can be difficult for someone who has just undergone surgery. If you live in Juab County or the Central Utah area, we can perform surgery in a safe setting close to home.

Same Day Surgeries Available

Same day surgeries are offered in a very spacious, yet private setting. These procedures are minimally invasive and allow patients to return home the same day they arrive at the hospital. With same day surgery, you can recover from cataract, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and other procedures for a short time in the hospital before returning to the comfort of your own home to fully recuperate.