CVMC taking strides in Innovative Orthopedic Technology

The first Smart Knee implant in the state of Utah was placed yesterday in the CVMC OR by Dr. Karrasch and his team.
Persona IQ Smart Knee is an innovative technology that connects you directly to your healthcare team. It's ability to track your recovery progress is something doctors have only dreamed of up to today.
"My biggest reason to offer this to my patients, is to give them an inside look at their personal progress, along side of that of national averages. Recovery from surgery isn't always easy, but with Persona IQ, we can track your progress and help your recovery and therapy become an exact science". Pictured here you can see Dr. Karrasch holding the Smart Knee implant that goes into the top of the tibia bone, underneath the replacement knee.
We are excited to offer the next step to orthopedic medicine as we continue to strive caring for our patients and their recovery, every step of the way.