Fast Transport to Advanced Medical Facilities

At Central Valley Medical Center, we strive to provide our community with close-to-home resources that are not often found in rural area hospitals. While we have a wide array of advanced medical services and technology at our disposal, there are some injuries and conditions that are beyond our facility’s capabilities. Time is of the essence for many patients, which is why we have partnered with the University of Utah (U) to make use of their AirMed services.

The AirMed program quickly transfers patients from our hospital to another that is better equipped to meet their needs via plane or helicopter. The U's AirMed program has been in service for over 40 years, and it is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to support patients while they are in transit. Their equipment includes:

  • Digital capnography
  • Invasive line management
  • Intra-aortic balloon pumps
  • Video laryngoscopy
  • Portable ventilators
  • And more

AirMed services are available 24/7. Patients can be transferred to any hospital in the University of Utah's service area that has the services they require. Call us at 435-623-3000 if you would like to learn more about this program.