New FREE Pre and Post-Natal Class Now Offered at CVMC

CVMC Now Offering Free Pre and Post-Natal Classes!

Starting May 7th, the CVMC Women's Center will be offering free pre and post-natal education classes. Each class will be directed to 4 different areas that 28 week + gestation mom's will experience and how to navigate through that dreaded "4th Trimester" or better known as the 3 months after birth.

The areas that will be addressed during this 4 week course will be:

  • The 3rd Trimester | Am I in labor? Are these Braxton Hicks or real contractions? How will I know... all of these questions flood your mind when you get to this "stage of the game". Learn what is "normal" and what can be cause for concern. As well as prepping your body for labor.
  • Labor and Delivery | What exactly happens during labor? Navigate from admission to discharge. What to bring to the hospital, what to leave at home. And how to enjoy "the ride" as you navigate all the emotions of bringing a baby into the world.
  • Newborn Care and Breastfeeding | The baby is here and all is well? Maybe not exactly. Let us help guide you to cue into your newborn's needs and help reassure that motherly instinct, that you've got this. From breastfeeding, to the essentials of newborn care.
  • Postpartum | What does life look like once you get home? Explore life after delivery and what your needs might be once you get settled into your new Normal.

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