CVMC Gets a New ProxiDiagnost N90 for Fluoroscopy and Radiography

Better Care, Means a Better Experience.

Central Valley Medical Center is excited to announce the integration of the Philips ProxiDiagnost N90 DXR technology into its Radiology Department. CVMC is the first site in the world to receive the new Philips ProxiDiagnost N90.

This premier 2-in-1 system allows fluoroscopy and radiography to be performed in a single room, improving workflow and exam capability. This cutting-edge technology facilitates ultra-low radiation doses while improving image quality, and serves to help us provide you with a more confident diagnosis for a variety of routine and advanced exams. Both CVMC and Philips are excited to offer the latest in DXR imaging technology to better serve the needs of your patients.

With a small footprint and slim design, 660 lb. (550 lb. tilt) weight capacity, and exceptional workflow advantages via gridless Skyflow technology and the Eleva user interface performing fluoroscopy and radiography exams in one room has never been more convenient. The ProxiDiagnost N90’s exclusive in-pulse control allows optimal dose to be achieved within the first millisecond of every pulse, for every patient, for every application in fluoroscopy. For radiography spot images, the system takes patient-specific details into account and allows for immediate crisp images without the need to use fluoroscopy upfront – meaning less radiation and quicker exam times. Philips patented UNIQUE image processing harmonizes contrast and enhances faint details to provide consistent and superb image quality for both fluoroscopy and radiography, especially in low dose imaging.

Our goal at Central Valley Medical Center is always to help patients get the most out of each exam, aiding in confident diagnoses and treatment plans. Patients will appreciate the additional benefits the ProxiDiagnost N90 offers and can be confident we are providing among the most technologically advanced and highest quality DXR exams available on the market today.

Key Benefits

  1. 2-in-1 Fluoroscopy and high-end Radiography in a single room – Greater room utilization and throughput
  2. Premium image quality featuring Dynamic UNIQUE technology - significantly increased fluoro image quality may be sufficient to document findings. Exposures may not be necessary.
  3. Premium IN-PULSE dose management capability with DOSEWISE technology – achieve optimal dose within the very first pulse. Have usable images and eliminate wasted dose and time with IN-PULSE dose management versus AFTER-PULSE technology that may take longer to adapt and calibrate.
  4. Excellent access to patient, slim design - outstanding access to a patient under the detector, especially for nurses, techs, or parents during pediatric procedures.
  5. 660 lb static, 550 lb tilting and footboard, and 407 lb all movements, weight capacities
  6. Excellent table clearance – excellent access for a patient, easy on and off.
  7. Superior tabletop to detector clearance – 23.6” - large clearance to accommodate bariatric patients, swallow chairs, and wide SID range to adapt to an application.
  8. Superior image database – virtually unlimited fluoro image storage (~400,000 images)
  9. Stitching capability – full legs and full spine image capture.
  10. Gridless Rad workflow – Get grid-like image contrast without the hassle of working with a grid, thanks to SkyFlow imaging technology
  11. 7 Field Amplimat Chamber – Consistent, immediate image stabilization achieved through real-time dose analysis in 7 key places of the image, even with high contrast variations.
  12. Eleva workstation – Two 21.3” medical grade monitors, touchscreen, intuitive workflow.

Check out how the ProxiDiagnost N90 Workflow works: