Social distancing and more

CVMC is currently coordinating with local and state public health departments and officials. We will continue to gather information and resources to keep our patients, staff, providers, and community updated.

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Help stop the spread. Practice Social Distancing.

Social distancing will protect our vulnerable populations. We all play a part in preventing spread. Social distancing slows the rate of infection, allowing our hospitals and clinics to effectively handle the volume of patients. You may be contagious even if you do not have symptoms, or if you’re confident you can recover successfully. Social distancing protects our highest risk citizens right now and protects our hospital system in the weeks and months to come as we bring disease transmission under control.

Make no mistake: this is a complicated disease. Our choices, our decisions, our behaviors, are how we will overcome this moment. While most who contract COVID-19 only become mildly ill, it is extremely deadly for the elderly and people with chronic health problems. You may be one of those people, or you may love one of those people. We must all own this fight. We must unify against this threat, for ourselves, our loved ones, and our friends and neighbors.

Reducing the number of people who are sick at once is the best way to keep our health system from being overwhelmed. And that in turn helps not just COVID-19 patients but also everyone else who must seek treatment in a hospital.

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