Central Valley Hospice provides compassionate and sensitive care for the terminally ill. Hospice is a concept of caring for individuals in the last stages of life. It is not a place, but rather a comprehensive service available to meet the needs of the individual and their family. Hospice does not hasten the time of death, nor does it postpone death. Hospice helps people live each day with comfort and dignity, retaining their individuality and control. Through skilled care, counseling, support and education, hospice helps individuals seek the best possible quality of life. Comfort care is important and we make sure patient's do not suffer needlessly.

Hospice care involves the patient, the patient's primary care physician, our Medical Director, and other members of our specially trained team. The team approach recognizes that the diverse and sometimes urgent needs of the individual and family cannot be met by any one person. Under the physician’s direction, the hospice team specializes in pain and symptom management, emotional, and spiritual support. A hospice team member is available for consultation 24 hours a day. The team assists the patient and family in making the most of life. Bereavement services are also an important part of the hospice concept. Personal follow-up is initiated with those most affected by a loved ones passing for 13 months following the patient’s death.

Hospice is open to individuals of all ages with a life-limiting or terminal illness.  Patients must have a referral from their primary care physician and be in agreement to receive comfort care rather than curative care. Hospice services may be provided in a home environment, an assisted living center, a nursing home or hospital setting depending on the needs of the individual and family. Confidentiality is a top priority.


When end of life decisions are difficult … when you need comfort and support – you are not alone.


Central Valley Hospice is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and an approved provider for many private insurance companies.

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